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Here is a complete list of the fanworks I've made over my journaling years.

Just to warn you, not everything has a rating on it. I'm not really that explicit in my writing, so overall the highest rating is going to be R. The closest thing I've written to NC-17 is clearly marked.

Most of my crossovers are actually fusions, so they'll be listed under their primary fandom.

Fandoms (recent, past, may or may not get updated): Angel, Bandom, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Doctor Who, Due South, Firefly, Harry Potter, Merlin, Milliways, Stargate Atlantis

Angel / Buffy the Vampire Slayer

All for Nothing? :: Angel cast :: 2004
Sunnydale doesn't have the only Hellmouth in California. Post series.

All My Exes Live In The Same House As Me :: Xander, Anya/Faith :: 2007
"Do you think we should tell Xander?"

I Don't Give :: Faith, Willow :: 2008
Faith and Willow discuss mistakes and redemption.

Unlife Lessons :: Darla/Penn, Angelus/William :: 2004
Being a vampire means you're open to anything. You have no boundries. Anything can happen, and anything will.

untitled puppet!Angel fic :: Angel, Faith :: 2004
Unfortunate for Angel, Faith digs puppets.

William :: Spike :: 2006
Two Williams have more in common than just their names.


A Series of Events :: all pairings possible for Panic :: 2007
Seven ficlets for seven different pairings.

Blue :: Ryan, Spencer, Brendon :: 2007
Brendon and glitter don't mix.

Feelings :: Jon/Spencer :: 2007
Spencer has feelings for Jon.

Monkey Hear, Monkey Do :: Panic gen :: 2007
Monkeys come back to haunt Brendon. Sequel to "Trained Monkey(s)".

Pen to Paper :: Ryan :: 2007
Ink can be applied to more than just paper.

Trained Monkey(s) :: Panic gen :: 2007
The band already has a trained monkey, why do they need another one?

Trophy Boys, Trophy Wives :: Brendon/Jon, Brendon/Jon/Ryan/Spencer :: 2007
Brendon learns how it feels to be alone in a crowd.

untitled Panic at the Disco fic :: Jon/Ryan, Jon/Spencer, Brendon/Ryan? :: 2007
"You just can't keep away from the pretty boys, can you."

Doctor Who

From Morning to Night :: Amy/Rory/Doctor/River :: 2011
The thing about love and marriage is this: sometimes it's with more than one person. Fusion with Ursala Le Guin's Planet O.

Ficmix: Not Your Typical Peruvian Folk Band :: Eleven, Amy/Rory :: 2010
An interview with the up-and-coming band, My Poncho Boys. AU.

Due South

music drabbles :: Fraser/Kowalski, Bob :: 2009
Ten drabbles based around ten song titles.


Sir :: Mal/Zoe :: 2005
Mal doesn't have control over everything on his ship.

Wrong :: Book/River :: 2005
River feels too much.

Harry Potter

A Late Night Stroll :: Dean/Seamus :: 2005
Dean and Seamus try to find the best place for some privacy.

Circle of Life :: Neville, next gen kids :: 2008
Some things do change. Post Deathly Hollows.

Garden :: Tom Riddle, Pomona Sprout :: 2008
A not typical Herbology class for Tom.

Glasses and Girls :: James, Remus, Sirius, Lily, Alice :: 2007
Where the boys discuss James' fashion sense, Remus' knowledge of Longbottom's sexuality, and Sirius' ego.

Watched Him :: Luna, Ron :: 2005
It didn't begin on the Hogwarts Express.


untitled :: Merlin (Jethro) :: 2010
Being immortal isn't exactly what Merlin thought. Crossover with Doctor Who.

Stargate Atlantis

A Model Model :: Sheppard/McKay :: 2008
John is jealous. Tag for "Harmony".

Hands of Mass Distraction :: Sheppard/McKay :: 2008
John hates Rodney's hands. But not really.

The Message :: Sheppard/McKay :: 2008
Rodney leaves a recording for John. Fusion with Firefly.

The Other Message :: Sheppard/McKay :: 2008
John follows Rodney's recording. Coda to "The Message" Fusion with Firefly.

The Place :: Sheppard/McKay :: 2008
John and Rodney have a place. Tag for "The Prodigal".

Workin' Men (Somewhere To Go) :: Sheppard/McKay :: 2008
A series of emails and business trips bring two corporate rivals closer together. AU.


([livejournal.com profile] milliways_bar is a multi-fandom RPG. These stories are based around the characters and relationships of the game.)

Along the Road :: Iris (Mythology) :: 2005
Iris' time outside of Milliways.

Purple Kitties :: Cordelia, Yrael, Echo (OC, Old Kingdom, Mythology) :: 2007
When Cordelia is five, she decides that she wants a kitty.

The Gentleness of a Woman :: Delia/Echo (The Song of the Lioness, Mythology) :: 2006
Delia shows Echo what she's missing.

The Paintings :: Cordelia (OC, multiple fandoms) :: 2007
She always wondered who the people in her mother's paintings were.

Sleep :: Zabini Sr., Blaise/Ophelia (Harry Potter, Hamlet) :: 2007
Mr. Zabini's dreams are haunted.

untitled :: Indiana Jones, Echo (Indiana Jones, Mythology) :: 2006
One torch. One bouncy snake-loving nymph in a purty white dress. One flustered-to-petrified explorer.
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